Snow Report

Check out this page every Monday morning for an updated report

(Last Updated 2/26/24)

Current Snow Depth

Since the Bighorn Mountain range is vast, the depth varies greatly. The current range is about 8-40" depending on elevation and location.

Trail Conditions

Most trails have been groomed directly by the lodge! The trails still aren't in great shape and you have to be very aware as you're riding. We are getting hit by a storm today which should greatly improve the trails.

Backcountry Conditions

Backcountry riding is decent at this point but the only problem is the accessibility. This new storm should help the accessibility of these backcountry areas! There are a couple of couple places where people have been able to find decent snow. Granite Pass and High Country are two places where people have been going the most.

Weekly Weather Report

This week we are supposed to get hit pretty hard with snow. From now until next Monday we should get 12-15 inches. This should greatly improve our situation.

Snow Quality

This most recent storm helped our situation a lot but we still need more. The snow quality directly surrounding the lodge is poor but there are several different locations with great options.

Report Summary

This is obviously a very off-year overall but people are still having a very good time riding up here. This storm has got us excited again about the possibility of some good March riding!
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